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John Rafferty, Esq.

John Rafferty


Gawthrop Greenwood, PC

As an associate in Gawthrop Greenwood’s litigation department, John Rafferty focuses his practice on civil and business litigation matters. Previously Mr. Rafferty worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Chester County, Pennsylvania where he prosecuted sex crimes and cases involving violence against women just outside of the city of Philadelphia.  He uses this position to serve as a voice for victims of violence and commercial exploitation. Outside of his obligations to the court, Mr. Rafferty maintains an active membership in the Chester County and Philadelphia Anti-Trafficking Coalitions.  Additionally, Mr. Rafferty has represented immigrant labor trafficking victims pro bono through the local non-profit firm, Friends of Farmworkers. 

Mr. Rafferty tirelessly works to increase public awareness on the issue of commercial sexual exploitation, organizing outreach clinics and providing training on human trafficking issues. He also provides referral services to victims and survivors of trafficking. In addition, Mr. Rafferty advocates for legislation that targets the demand for commercial sex, and he supports local law enforcement in their efforts to combat sex trafficking. 

His interest in advocating on behalf of victims of human trafficking was sparked when Mr. Rafferty served as a Naval Officer in the Middle East. While there, he volunteered with non-profit organizations that sought justice for immigrant workers. His exposure to human trafficking influenced his decision to go to law school.

Following his Naval service, Mr. Rafferty was awarded a Public Interest Scholarship to Villanova University School of Law.  Upon graduation, Mr. Rafferty moved to Ecuador for 10 months to serve as a Fulbright Fellow. There he studied the scope of human trafficking in the country’s three largest cities. Mr. Rafferty earned his Bachelor’s degree at Boston College. He has been a member of our Board since 2014.

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