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Chambersburg Man Sentenced as One Piece of Larger Sex Trafficking Operation

Posted: March 17, 2020

On February 26, 2020, Anthony “Tony” D’Ambrosio, 37, of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, was sentenced to ten years imprisonment followed by five years of supervisory release for his role in a sex- and drug-trafficking ring that operated in six states and Washington D.C. According to the media, D’Ambrosio, with his co-conspirators, “recruited and transported girls and young women between the ages of 17 and 21 to engage in commercial sex acts in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Florida, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia . . ..” This conspiracy existed between 2012 and 2015.

D’Ambrosio and his co-conspirators took victims to motel rooms where they posted advertisements on According to the media, “D’Ambrosio and the others took most of the money made by the victims.” D’Ambrosio and his co-conspirators would give the girls drugs “including oxycodone, cocaine and marijuana.”

According to the media, D’Ambrosio was convicted after a two-week jury trial in December 2017. He was convicted of “transportation of an individual to engage in prostitution; distribution and possession with intent to distribute oxycodone; and conspiracy counts of the same charges.”

Despite receiving only the mandatory minimum sentence, D’Ambrosio still received one of the highest sentences among his co-conspirators. Albert E. “Pipo” Martinez, received a fifteen year sentence, Keanu Davone Martinez received a ten year sentence, Brandon hill received a three year and one month sentence, and Armando Delgado was credited for four years and four months of time served.   It is unclear why it took more than two years for D’Ambrosio to be sentenced following his conviction.

The CSE Institute previously reported on this story following the sentencing of Albert E. “Pipo” Martinez and Keanu Davone Martinez. The CSE Institutes applauds the efforts of law enforcement and the Middle District of Pennsylvania in charging, convicting, and sentencing the traffickers involved in this interstate conspiracy. The CSE Institute encourages those in the position to fashion the sentences of convicted traffickers to look beyond the mandatory minimum sentence of ten years for these egregious acts of violence against women and children.

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