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The CSE Institute routinely trains stakeholders on the best practices to address CSE using an established curriculum with accompanying materials. We have trained over 2000 members of the law enforcement, prosecutors, defense counsel, judiciary, and victim services community throughout Pennsylvania, facilitating a uniform approach on the implementation of Act 105 (2014) Pennsylvania’s comprehensive anti-trafficking legislation.

We periodically publish resources to assist us in our education of the general public. Feel free to use and share this information to help educate and advocate against human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Please note that the contents of these resources in no way constitutes legal advice. 




Currently Pending Legislation


Past Session Legislation

HB 1835 (2021) – Provides greater protection for trafficking victims

SB 1009 (2022) – Expands access to vacatur for survivors of sex trafficking

HB 2709 (2020)

Act 1 (2020) – Pennsylvania’s Buyer Beware Act

Act 130 (2018) – Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children

Act 130 (2018): Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children

Pennsylvania Safe Harbor Legislation Basics

Pennsylvania Safe Harbor: Myths vs. Facts

Act 105 (2014) – Pennsylvania’s Comprehensive Human Trafficking Law

Act 105 Law On The Books

Prosecution, Prevention, Protection: Act 105 (2014): PA’s Comprehensive Anti-Human Trafficking Law

Pennsylvania Human Trafficking Law 101


Federal Legislation

Federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA)

2017-2018 Amendments to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act 


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