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As a project of the Villanova University School of Law, the CSE Institute is currently  seeking support and partnerships with committed individuals, and organizations.

Supporting Us through Villanova Law

For detailed information about how individuals, businesses, charities and other organizations can support the important work, please visit the Ways to Give page on the Villanova Law website.  To make a donation online to the CSE Institute, please visit Give to Villanova Justice for Victims Fellowship.

Alternatively, please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to discuss options and opportunities with you.

Partnering with The CSE Institute

The CSE Institute is always actively seeking opportunities to partner with different governmental and non-governmental organizations to address commercial sexual exploitation in Pennsylvania and beyond.  If partnering with the CSE Institute is of interest to you, then we invite you to get in touch with our Director, Shea Rhodes via 610-519-7183 or

Extern with The CSE Institute

“My experience as an extern for the Villanova Law CSE Institute taught me to be an effective ally and legal advocate for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. I learned to listen to survivors and to ensure that any work I do in combatting CSE is survivor-centered and trauma-informed. Now, I’m putting these lessons to use as an attorney with pro bono work focused on assisting survivors in vacating criminal records acquired as a result of being trafficked #listentosurvivors.” Marie-Bussey Garza, VLS, JD Class of 2017

“The CSE Institute is a unique and amazing learning experience. I gained new skills that have helped me become a better student and will carry over into my career. It presents a mix of academic research and real-world involvement that opened my eyes to commercial sexual exploitation, the laws and policies in play, the organizations and people working to address the problem, and the woman and children caught up in the abuse. Being part of the CSE Institute has been life-changing and the best part of my legal education.” Alayna Brauer, VLS, JD Class of 2016

Would you like to work as an extern with the CSE Institute?  Start by applying to the Villanova University School of Law and contact CSE Institute Director, Shea M. Rhodes.

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    We welcome contact from organizations and individuals interested in more information about The CSE Institute and how to support it.

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