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Policy and Legislative Reform

As part of our work at the CSE Institute, we draft and share policy papers relating to key issues regarding best practices in addressing sex trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, sexual misconduct, and related legislation addressing forms of gender-based violence.

Policy Priorities

2023 Policy Priorities

Anti-Demand/Nordic Model

Pennsylvania Analysis of Penalties for Buying Sex

Why Focusing on Demand for Commercial Sex is an Effective Means to Deter Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Recommendations for Anti-Demand Legislation for Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Civil Liability

Why Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act Does Not Bar Civil Lawsuits Brought By Sex Trafficking Victims Against Backpage.com

Third-Party Facilitators

How to Hold Hotels Civilly and Criminally Liable for Sex Trafficking Offenses

Federal Anti-Trafficking Legislation

SESTA: A Narrow Exception to the CDA that Fulfills its Intended Purpose

Legislative Analysis of Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 (“FOSTA”)

Legislative Analysis of H.R. 295 – End Banking for Human Traffickers Act of 2019


The Legal Process

Eliminating the Loophole and Holding Police Accountable: Making it a Crime for Police to Engage in Sexual Contact and Acts with Persons in Their Custody

Law Enforcement and Prosecutors Can Inadvertently Violate the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) and Pennsylvania Law When Engaging in a Coercive Parallel Process to Traffickers

Can a Prosecution still be Pursued if the Criminal Act Predates the Enactment of the TVPA and 18 U.S.C. §1591?

Applying Attorney-Client Privilege in Human Trafficking Cases (2017)

Why Victims of Sex Trafficking Should Not Be Forced to Engage Victim Services

Why Recidivism Provisions in the Crime of Prostitution Equate to Gender-Based Inequality and Should be Removed

Why “Safe Harbor” Full-Immunity is the Best Policy for Decriminalizing Child Victims of Sex Trafficking

Relief from Collateral Consequences of Prostitution-Related Convictions: A Blueprint 

An Open Letter to Police Authorities Concerning Human Trafficking Related Investigations and the Affirmative Defense of Entrapment

Sexual Misconduct Policies

Pennsylvania General Assembly Sexual Misconduct Policy Recommendations


Sex Trafficking and the Hotel Industry: Criminal and Civil Liability for Hotels and their Employees

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